rhubarb is a landscape design studio/retail shop based on Salt Spring Island, Canada. Each practice is intertwined. Values always in tandem. What we bring into our homes is a reflection of our landscapes, our goal is to be forever creating spaces that evolve, endure and adapt.

Our skincare shelves are stocked with products we use over and over from brands we are thrilled to be working with.

For spring we love cleansing with fresh scents, then applying nutrient-packed serums + oils and topping it off with lip to cheek in the most vivid, fresh colours. Explore the collection online or stop by the shop and we’d love to walk you through it.

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"Gardening is not just a set of tasks. It's not restricted to backyards, courtyards, and balconies. It can, and should, happen anywhere, everywhere. Gardening is simply a framework for engaging with our world, grounded in care and action. To garden is to care, deeply, inclusively, and audaciously for the world outside our homes and our heads. It's a way of being that is intimately interwoven with the real truths of existence - not things that we're told to value, but things that actually matter."

Written by Georgina Reid, Audacious Gardening: On Daring to Care.