Garden Design and Installation

Rhubarb Designs is a landscape design studio located on Salt Spring Island, B.C.
We make gardens. Big, small, joyful, plant-filled, edible, bright, thoughtful, textural. We love exploring materiality through hard and soft scape. We love steel, we love water, we love wood, we love stone, we love gravel but mostly we love soil. 
Each project we take on is site specific deeply rooted in the vernacular of your space. Our design approach is: design as you go and take your time. A garden is a deeply personal space and can't be rushed. This allows for an openness in the design and respects that the space is ever evolving. 

We focus on thoughtfully sourced plant materials that will thrive in your environment, working always with what is available to you. We build the soil, create happy ecosystems and push spaces in new directions.

We offer:
This can be a one time visit to your home to offer ideas of how to evolve your space or the beginning of a relationship to grow your space.
We do it all, everything except the drawings. We have 40+ years experience in both hard and soft scape installations and have wonderful local collab partners. We play well with others, architects, builders, sub trades and our incredible nursery partners. We really do get the best plants. 
We care deeply about the gardens we create. We love being a part of its evolution. We can be there once a week or once a year.
If you would like to connect to the Rhubarb Designs team to work on a future project, please send us a note to