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About Rhubarb Designs | Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton (née Green) born and raised in Scotland.  With grandparents who owned grocery shops and a tailor as a father, it was no surprise that Lorraine would follow a path of multidisciplinary design and entrepreneurship.
Based on Salt Spring Island, Lorraine has been honing her skill as a landscape designer for the last 40 years.  
Informed by her surroundings and cultural upbringing, she is renowned for her refreshing landscape ideas and plant combinations.
Since 2015, Lorraine has extended her focus to objects with Rhubarb, The Shop. Focusing on handcrafted pieces that are sourced as conscientiously as possible, Lorraine continues her commitment to the greater community leading with  ethical aesthetics.
To inquire about products or potential collaborations please reach us here.