What we're digging vol. 3

What we’re digging in the garden, in the shop, and more…

  1. Sustainability and innovation work in harmony to create the Plasticana Opana Mule. Made from 100% hemp and are 100% recyclable. The slip style offers simplicity, comfort and easy elegance in the garden or in the city.

  2. Everyday Sunscreen by Forah. Packed with rich antioxidants and hydrating botanicals without chemical UV filters, parabens or synthetics. Truly perfect for every day. There is a reason they can’t keep this in stock!

  3. We’re lucky to live in a place with so many amazing growers. This time of year we always visit Stowell Lake Farms for veggie starts at home and for landscaping clients. Their farm stand is always stocked with beautiful fresh produce, house-made snacks and dressings, and interesting plants.

  4. Allium Schubertii. The current feature in the courtyard at the shop. We love everything about this flowering onion; its distinct early green leaves, shooting star like flowers and its yearly appearance in the garden.

  5. Lovely galvanized watering cans with a plastic spout that has the perfect pour! Made in Japan. This will be your garden companion for years to come.

  6. Selvedge Magazine - issue 118 - Hand in Hand. Each page in this mag is dedicated to the love of textiles. This issue highlights the importance of community, collabs, teamwork, relationship building, and working hand-in-hand.

  7. Precision Colour Pencil by 19/99. Creamy enough to use as a lipstick, blendable enough to be used as a blush or a wash of colour on the eyelids.

  8. Small water sources are essential in any garden. Every day the dog stops by, then the cat, followed by a mix of hummingbirds, thrushes, wrens, chickadees and more. Check out our ever-evolving selection of carved stone garden accessories in the courtyard at the shop.

  9. Operation Olive Branch - A grassroots movement to support and amplify aid requests of Palestinian families. Click on the spreadsheet to open. Be patient, it can take a little while for the document to load. This is a collective effort, every bit counts. If donating isn’t accessible to you at the moment let us know and we’ll do a little something in your name.

A Tree Grows in Palestine - From the archives of the Palestinian Poster Project