What we're digging vol. 1

What we’re digging in the garden, in the shop, and more…

  1. Alliums! Time to get your bulbs in the ground. Alliums add drama to your gardens that is unmatched. Layer your plantings with different types in the same spot. This year we mixed Allium Magic with Allium Cernum so the large beautiful blooms of Magic were filled in with smaller bunches of Cernum to carry the season through. Try it in your own gardens.

  2. The Pail Bag in Khaki Crinkle by Building Block. Sturdy, durable and timeless. Water resistant nylon accented with leather. Perfect for the rainy season to come.

  3. Crocosmia Chair by the amazing florist, Wagner Kreusch. He made this stunning piece in the summer when the crocosmia was green and its now perfectly fitted for fall. Follow @wagnerjk for more unbelievable flower arranging inspiration. The man is a genius. Taking a class with him is definitely on the bucket list.

  4. Moisture Riser Cream by Noto Botanics.  We are so happy we are now carrying wonderful skincare products. This is the perfect nourishment for a summer spent in the sun and the sea. Hyaluronic acid gives you a serious boost in hydration while carrot seed, blue tansy, marula and blue-green algae act as a vitamin pack for restoration.

  5. Buckwheat butter?!? Wow. We had a beautiful dinner at Enddive and they served this alongside fresh focaccia. We had to replicate it at home and it's beautifully simple. Toast the buckwheat in the frying pan until nice and browned and then mix it in with your favourite butter. Enjoy! End dive is located at 1802 Government St in Victoria. Go!

  6. Soapstone Candle holder no. 1. Perfectly weighty and tactile. We love that they can be flipped upside or down to hold different sized candles and give a different feel. Beautiful scale.  Combine more than 1 for some drama and presence. Designed by Finnish designer Hanna Anonen. Each one is hand made in Kenya.

  7. Mohair Blanket. The ultimate cozy piece as we transition to the cooler months. The colour feels like like sunshine on a cool day. Woven in Finland.

  8. Nigel Slater - A Cook’s Book. So simple. So comforting. We love these recipes for quick delicious meals. We drool over both the food and the stream of incredible ceramics Nigel serves meals in.