What we're digging vol. 2

What we’re digging in the garden, in the shop, and more…

  1. Rest. As we write this it is snowing again on the West Coast. A reminder to set aside our outdoor endeavours and embrace the promise of warmer days ahead. Pollinators nestle in the sanctuary of your gardens sheltered beneath layers of mulch and within the sturdy stems of last year's blooms. Keep them safe by putting off garden cleanup and pruning back until the temperature warms.

  2. Our mood boards are always filled with images of interiors with the most perfect bowls. In this one from Aura May, you can feel the precision that comes from her wheel throwing tensioned with the free flow of her hand building. Your go-to for baking, serving and displaying.

  3. Cool temps outside mean garden prep work inside. Soaking, planting and patiently waiting for seeds to sprout. Be sure to look up a Seedy Saturday in your area for climate-appropriate seeds and friendly faces with knowledge to share.

  4. Sustainability and innovation work in harmony to create the Plasticana Garden Clog. Made from 100% hemp and are 100% recyclable. The style gives a nod to your classic gardening shoe and easily goes from tending to the beds to out in the city.

  5. The vase of our dreams. Oversized and with a personality all its own. This stunning vase is currently sitting in the shop filled to the brim with plum branches that are set to bloom any day now.

  6. Our latest read. We placed our pre-order for The Trinity of Fundamentals from Massey Books. It follows the story of 22-year-old Kan’an during his nine years of hiding from the occupation between 1982 and 1991. Driven by an unshakable commitment to the Palestinian cause, Kan’an takes the reader through his compelling journey filled with sacrifice and struggle, love and pain, isolation and liberation.

  7. We’re dreaming of spring meals made from fresh garden veggies with this tablecloth as the backdrop. 100% cotton and handwoven in Chiapas, Mexico.

  8. Shop refresh! We did a spring cleaning and painted the whole shop with Lime Paint in Old White by Colour Atelier. From its artful application, textural finish and zero VOCs, it ticks all of our boxes for a perfect paint.

  9. Toast Bag in Khaki Crinkle. Made from water-resistant nylon that has a dry touch with a light crumpled texture. We love the box shape and that it is ultra-lightweight.

  10. Green Botanical Serum by Activist. The ideal blend of potent botanicals for this time of year. Soothing, quick to absorb and nourishing as we go through the ups and downs of spring weather.