Simon Wall Mounted Vase

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Simon Wall-mounted Vase is a unique product that is originally a plaster piece in the shape of a monk's head that has been transformed into a glass wall vase. The piece features intricate details and the serene and peaceful face of a monk. The monk Simon.

The glass piece has been carefully hollowed out to make room for a small vase that leans against the wall. Simon Wall-mounted Vase is perfectly sized to accommodate a small bouquet of flowers, bringing a touch of nature and beauty to your wall decoration.

Lightweight and easy to hang. All you need is a hammer and a nail.

Each piece is handblown from recycled glass resulting in subtle shifts in colours/size from piece to piece, enhancing their unique beauty.

Pigmented glass is mixed into the furnace during the glassblowing, no changes or fading occur with continued use over time.

Approx 19cm high and 5cm wide. Each piece will vary in size about 1-2cm.

La Soufflerie is a non-profit glass blowing organization created by wife and husband team, Valentina and Sébastien Nobile. They started out with vases and now produce a full range of glassware along with plaster, terracotta pieces, and candles.

Every detail is considered. When an order arrives at our shop it is packaged in the most beautiful brown paper and a mix of newspapers from Paris that are dropped off on their doorstop from neighbours.

All of their pieces are made from recycled glass and are made to be multi-purpose. A vessel can be a vase, a carafe, a candle holder or live in your kitchen with your utensils close at hand.